Farnaz Wallace, Author, Consultant, Former CMO

Episode 7. In this week’s Trap, Farnaz shares her perspectives on the emerging global cultures reflected in the reshaping of US demographics and the implications for how companies position their products to this emerging marketplace as well as how they need to build their leadership teams to reflect the communities they serve.

Farnaz Wallace is a thought leader, author, marketing executive, and an inspirational, futuristic speaker passionate about helping leaders and businesses connect rapid cultural and demographic shifts to growth strategies and leadership practices.

With a proven track record and over 25 years of experience in leadership and marketing/branding strategies, she transforms traditional business models into customer-centric, best-in-class growth platforms, and provides a clear roadmap for profitability and sustainability.

Farnaz is visionary and strategic with an optimal balance of creativity and analytical rigor. And known for her dynamic and energetic personality, strong turnaround ability, and generating tangible results. She is a sought after keynote speaker for leadership and women’s conferences, as well as Millennials and youth culture.  Her engaging, provocative, and no-holds-barred style brings a unique, fresh perspective to the stage, negating myths, biases, and stereotypes.

As a Former Global CMO with Church’s Chicken, she led the brand in five years of consecutive same-store sales growth, outpacing the entire category, which resulted in a successful company acquisition process and ownership change. She understands what it takes to stay relevant in a fast-changing marketplace and drive financial results several years in a row.  She contributes her success to her passion for people and cultures and building a winning diverse team in a collaborative team environment.

As a woman of Iranian background who immigrated with her family to the US at the age 15, Farnaz’s whole life has been a New World experience. She succeeded and thrived in the business world not just as a woman, but as an unorthodox Iranian-American woman.  She uses the lessons learned by facing and overcoming issues of ethnicity, gender, style, political, economic, and lifestyle experiences to shape her vision and keep it alive. She believes in the spirit’s deep desire for freedom, self-determination, and self-expressions to maintain and honor an inner state of authenticity. She lives it and knows how to lead others to find such authenticity within themselves and the brands they represent.  Farnaz is passionate about gender and racial equality, human rights, and advancing women in business and leadership.

Farnaz is the published author of the book, The New World Marketplace—how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future.  For better or worse, the world of Mad Men is dead.  And she coined the phrase, “The New World Marketplace” to help social and business leaders embrace and capitalize on a New World pulsing with diverse makeup of people, relationships, cultures, archetypes, and social and business models.



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen