Explore the conditions that lead to
surviving and thriving in a leadership role.
Learn from our guests on how to recognize and avoid the traps.

Hosted by Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen

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Season 2

Season 1

Eric Spencer, The Corporate Bartender

Episode 11. In this week's Trap, Eric Spencer provides years of experience guiding leaders in expanding their knowledge, behaviors, and approach to running high-performance teams. He references the all-too-common trap leaders fall into of avoiding... More & Listen...

Pilot Season

Special thank you to these guests for their time, feedback, and patience with us as we went through the growing pains of developing a podcast. Their feedback and support made it possible for us to evolve the show and overcome the barriers that come with trying to produce worthwhile content for our listeners.

Catherine Morse, Employment Law

Episode 3. In this week's Trap Catherine provides an employment law perspective on how leaders enter the trap zone. Topics range from social movements' impact in the workplace, rogue leaders, "the naive hugger" and more.... More & Listen...

Shawn Freeman, COO Phlur

Episode 2. In this week's Trap Shawn shares his perspectives as an entrepreneurial leader. Listeners will hear Shawn's learnings on building a socially conscious company, tying scent to memory (that's right!), balancing investor interest and... More & Listen...