Francis Cholle International Consultant, Best-Selling Author, and Entrepreneur

Episode 23: ‘‘Francis Cholle is the ‘Al Gore of Creativity’, evangelizing an ‘inconvenient truth’ of an altogether different kind – that creativity is actually declining at an alarming rate. The Intuitive Compass is a sure path business leaders can use to guide them toward innovation, disruptive thinking and the creative atmosphere necessary to succeed in today’s disorienting business climate.’‘  – Mike Lundgren, Partner and Director of Innovation Strategy, VML (Young & Rubicam)

In Francis' own words...

I was born to a family of scientists and raised in Paris, where I received a master’s in science of management at Europe’s leading business school. After two years spent in Frankfurt, Germany in commercial banking, as part of my civil service I was fortunate to start my professional career at the helm of a publishing house. This demanding and thrilling experience took me around the world and through all aspects of producing art books and leading a private company, including becoming one of the main shareholders and millionaire at age 25.

Then even more unconventional paths have stretched me and satiated my curiosity for life, the arts and humanities: professional training in theater and opera in New York, professional yoga training in India, and a degree in clinical psychology. All have shaped my personal take on life and provided me with insights into human nature, as well as awakened a concern for the sustainability of the modern world.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How is it that we were able to get to the moon, and yet are unable to sustain a balanced relationship with nature?” What is the root cause to that split in the human mind? I imagined an answer to this question and a solution to our daunting sustainability challenge. If only we could include instinct (nature in us) in our thought processes and decisions, chances are we would design solutions unavoidably more respectful of nature.

To prove that this approach of holistic decision making could help businesses better adapt, innovate, and succeed, I decided to start a consulting practice, The Human Company. We got hired and rehired by some of the most successful global companies because our unique methodology brought them unprecedented success.

The time has come for me to help corporations more easily reach their business goals inclusive of all stakeholders, and contribute to systemic change by enriching leadership culture.



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen