Lisa Blanton, Consultant, Author, and former COO, CFO, CHRO

Episode 4. In this week’s Trap, Lisa shares her perspectives on hiring the “whole person,” absolute power, defining where a company thrives when it may be struggling in key metrics, limiting perks to the family of closely held companies, the downside of hiring relatives, and hiring military vets into their first corporate jobs.

Lisa Blanton possesses a diverse business background that includes over 30 years in corporate positions such as COO, CFO, and CHRO; including 13 years as a business owner. She has a proven track record of helping leaders drive for high achieving results through strategy, integration, and people relationships with a focus on financial, people service, and enterprising aspects of a business.

Lisa is a published co-author of Raising Father: a Father Daughter Adventure Memoir. Authors Lisa Blanton and Nick Watry team up to create a memoir exploring the challenges of entrepreneurship and the navigation of running a family business.  Their adventure together is sure to inspire hope through determination and forgiveness.

Lisa’s career is filled with success stories of assisting entrepreneurs build the business functions of operations, finance, accounting, and human resources while they concentrate on the development of their product or service. She is passionate about guiding leadership teams to successfully build their organizations and provide the best environment and culture for their employees.  

As a Professional EOS Implementer, Lisa teaches leadership teams to get what they want from their businesses. She does this by providing a complete system with simple tools to help teams achieve alignment in their vision, get traction to execute to achieve every part of their vision, and to help the leaders become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.  

Always wanting to help others, Lisa is an active member of the Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA) and has served on the Board of Directors of the 800+ member association as the Treasurer, Co-VP of Conference, and currently as President-Elect. She also holds certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and has a MBA in Organizational Studies. In her free time, Lisa enjoys cheering for the Texas A&M University sports teams, traveling, and meeting new friends.

Her core values are help first, do the right thing, do what I promise, grow or die, and be humbly confident. 



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen