Jimmy Treybig, Startup Advisor, Former CEO

Jimmy Treybig

Episode 8. In this week’s Trap,

Jimmy Treybig stopped by for a quick chat. If you don’t know Jimmy, you don’t know tech. So…it’s time for a quick bit of education on a key chapter in the history of technology and Silicon Valley. Jimmy’s often referred to as a pioneer of modern-day tech. In the ‘60s, Jimmy, fresh out of Stanford grad school, joined Hewlett Packard and helped pave the way for the launch of their first computer. Jimmy learned tons from HP’s co-founder, Bill Hewlett, including the importance of treating employees with high degrees of trust and respect. He parlayed his expertise in technology and an empathic commitment to people into a great success story – Tandem Computers… acquired by, of all companies, Hewlett Packard, in a multi-billion dollar deal. For the past 25 years, Jimmy’s become known as the CEO-whisperer through venture firms and board stints. He’s quite an iconic character and put his clear stamp on the early days of Silicon Valley while still impacting the next generation of entrepreneurs today.



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen