Gregg Ward, Author, Facilitator and Executive Coach

Episode 22: Gregg is the founder and executive director of the Center for Respectful Leadership and a bestselling, award-winning author, speaker, facilitator, and executive coach. He’s on a mission to transform lives and organizations through respect and respectful leadership.  His most recently published book, “Restoring Respect: A ‘how-to’ Guide for Supporting the Repair of Broken Work Relationships.” It truly is a guidebook for leaders to reference, packed with useful approaches to the respect restoration process. Gregg’s a kick and we enjoyed coming to know him in this show!

Taught By Sports Legends. The son of world-famous New York Daily News sportswriter Gene Ward, Gregg was introduced at a young age to scores of sports legends from professional football, tennis, and the Olympics. These heroes had a profound impact on Gregg, teaching him the enormous value of determination, hard work, leadership, and respect.

Serving the NYPD. Then, in 1986 while working as a professional theater artist in New York, Gregg received an unexpected invitation from the NYPD that literally changed the course of his life. Collaborating with a team of experts, Gregg developed a powerful “experiential learning” program for police officers that utilized Gregg’s performance, improvisational, and facilitation skills. It was considered a huge success by NYPD’s leadership and was featured in major media including The New York Times and CNN.

Decades of Experience. Since then Gregg has developed and delivered over 2,500 separate keynote speeches, programs and seminars using his unique techniques; facilitated scores of strategic planning sessions and offsite meetings for global corporations; appeared on network television and radio, written numerous books and articles; and coached hundreds of senior executives and managers throughout North America and Western Europe.

Custom-Created Presentations. From a keynote presentation for an audience as large as 3,500 for Kraft Foods to facilitating a strategic offsite meeting for the leadership of The US Navy, SPAWAR…from moderating a C-Suite executive panel discussion for Ericsson Wireless to leading small-group seminars for professional associations…Gregg Ward has experience in virtually every type of platform situation. Gregg will custom-create an interactive, powerful, and unforgettable motivating experience specially tailored for your unique audience.



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen