Rob Lynch, Founder and Managing Director of Burst Consulting, Former CEO

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Episode 10. In this week’s Trap,

Rob Lynch shares his perspectives as a ‘serial entrepreneur’, having been the CEO of four start-ups that were all successfully acquired. Rob addresses his maturation as a CEO and what leads to being a ‘more human CEO’ who goes through the discomfort zone of not knowing…and, coming from a place of kindness and compassion to, ultimately, achieve success.

As Founder and Managing Director of Burst Consulting, Rob Lynch is passionate about working to ensure executive teams are operating in a healthy culture of accountability. He is a disciplined mentor who goes beyond business theory to deliver immediate and lasting results. As CEO of multiple companies, four of which were acquired, Rob brings extensive experience in real-time and long-term application.

Rob is a Scaling Up Certified Coach and a Four Decisions Certified Coach. Rob believes every company needs to know how to get the Four Decisions right. He teaches how by helping companies create a one-page strategic plan which encompasses the necessary strategic thinking and execution planning required for success. The one-page strategic plan is a simple, yet powerful and thorough tool that ensures alignment and execution throughout the company to support the long-term vision and near-term goals. It offers practical, actionable methods for creating great strategy and operations within any business and feeds into the annual and quarterly planning process. CEOs cannot assume their top performers will be aligned and accountable just because they are talented. Getting the most from your team requires a good communication rhythm, buy-in, and measurement. Rob helps companies achieve this easily and effectively. Think of it as installing an operating system for the management team to increase profitable growth velocity and achieve critical mass.

As a part of his coaching practice, Rob helps and assists companies in the fine art of raising money or positioning them for merger & acquisition activities in the present unique economy where it is more difficult than ever to monetize to the benefit of the founding and executive team.

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