Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Founder/CEO

Nancy Giordano

Episode 9. In this week’s Trap,

Nancy Giordano joins us to discuss the future of “Leadering” (also the title of her new book). Her background of advising some of the top global brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Sprint, and Acumen, among others, led to her reputation of being one of the leading strategic futurists working today. More recently, Nancy’s interests have been drawn to the emerging era of radically different approaches to leading people in the context of disruptive technologies. Naturally, we discuss that interest on the Leadership Trap. As you’ll hear, Nancy is a high-intellect, rapid-thinking, deeply compelling leader who has her ear to the future. Her perspectives are laid out in convincing fashion in “Leadering”, which we highly recommend for anyone who wants to up their leadership game.



Hosts: Dr. Kris Potrafka and David Hughen